The Northern Production Planning Model is designed as a fully integrated tool for calculating the potential of cow-calf and backgrounding operations in the Great Clay Belt in Northern Ontario.

All you have to do is input basic information into any white box, relative to the type of operation you are interested in - such as cow-calf herd size and/or contracted backgrounding operation.

The tool then provides you with the associated requirements based on acres and nutrition, and a resulting detailed income statement in addition to potential financing options. This allows you to consider the feasibility of various potential ‘scenarios’.

BFO developed a detailed optimized model based on a cow-calf herd size of 200 cows and identified a pathway of private equity combined with access to crown land such that the new farmer requires only a personal investment of approximately $100,000 to start up a farming business which is sustainable and ongoing. Our modeling shows that a beginning farmer could obtain conventional financing at the end of 10 years as well as provide a good quality of life for the whole on-farm family.

The information contained in this tool has been generated through a review of existing available literature and numerous consultations with various experts.

Area One Farms

Area One Farms is a Canadian agricultural investment group that invests with their partners to:

  • Expand farmland to quickly grow a larger asset base
  • Conduct land improvements to maximize productivity and add value
  • Purchase additional equipment
  • Pay all of the farm expenses associated with farming

Farm operators who partner with Area One Farms earn 100% of the income and appreciation generated by their investment. They also earn income and appreciation generated by Area One Farms’ investment.

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