New Project Assistant for Beef North

Meet Emily Potter

BFO welcomes Emily Potter to the Beef North team as Project Assistant. Over the summer months she will be help to plan tours, assist in resource development, spread awareness of current projects, as well as provide a northern perspective on Beef North's social media channels. BFO interviewed Emily to provide readers with a little more information about herself and what she is looking forward to in her position this summer. 

Can you share more information about your background in the beef industry? 

I was raised on a Charolais cow-calf farm in Earlton, Ontario, in the Temiskaming region. I have been a part of my family’s farm my entire life and I am currently a part of the third generation.  I have just completed my third year of the Animal Science program of the Ontario Agricultural College and will be entering my final year at the University of Guelph this fall. I am am enthusiastic about getting involved in student activities and am currently the President of the OAC Beef Science club.

Have you had any involvement with BFO programs in the past?

I have volunteered for the past number of years at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair with BFO's beef cattle education booth. I also took part in their Beef Youth Development Program in 2016 and look forward to participating in more opportunities in the future.

As a young beef farmer, do you see a future for the beef industry in Northern Ontario?

Definitely. I see the area as an untapped opportunity for the agriculture industry and once people begin to recognize the potential and understand the possibilities for expansion, some will make the transition to a life in Northern Ontario. I have also found that with my own generation of young farmers, who are unable to afford farms in southern Ontario, are expressing interest in the northern expansion project being proposed by BFO.

Do you plan on returning to Northern Ontario when finished school?

Yes. It is my intention to return to farming in the north with my family and to continue expanding our family farm and work on improving our cattle herd.

What are you most looking forward to this summer in your position as Project Assistant with BFO?

I am looking forward to working and interacting with beef farmers. I am really excited about showing people my favourite place in the world, and the opportunities it provides: Northern Ontario.

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